Thursday, June 5, 2008

5/3...the antique yard sale.

yes, yes, apologize. I have been meaning to post this since a month ago? But I never had the initiative to post on the blog. and now I do.

This antique yard sale happens only two times a year in a small, rural town in North Carolina. Once in the fall, another on one of the first weekends of spring. It stretches for a few miles on one of the town's main roads. Vendors are set up in front of shops, behind stores, in dirt parking lots, etc. You can also stop in one of the many antique shops along the road for more treasures and finds. There are so many good things at this show and so much area to cover, you'd be lucky if you could go through all the stalls in one day. I can not wait until next year.

A view from our parking spot.

A long walk awaits! Eep. We should have gotten there earlier.

my favorite stall of the day. I have a weakness for old linens and quilts. Oh and hankies.

old hats and vintage buttons.herb planter. i loved this.

The end to a successful day. Hand-churned strawberry and vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

hello, welcome to the blog? eh don't know what to say but Im pretty sure I should start off with something fun, right? uh well i like books, reading, music, blogs, etherealness, and just having fun. oh and clothes too. I'll post my outfits and just talk. I guess. I like people, talking and being in a good mood.